3 Vein Tips For a Healthy Holiday Season

woman sitting by the window with coffee mugThe holiday season has arrived! Although it’s known as the most wonderful time of the year, holidays can also be stressful. As a result, we may neglect our health.

How can you keep your veins healthy this holiday season?

Drink Water

The average person should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated not only helps encourage proper circulation but keeps you energized and glowing! During the winter months, you may not want to drink cold beverages; warm water with lemon can have the same positive effect on your health.

Eat Healthy

This may be the single hardest thing to do around the holidays. Between the work parties and big family dinners, it may seem impossible not to indulge. According to Stanford University research, the average person gains one pound during the holiday season but year after year, those extra pounds add up.

While you should not deprive yourself of Christmas favorites, be sure to get the recommended amount of daily fruits and vegetables, including fibrous foods. Dietary fiber helps to promote proper circulation.

Stay Active

Exercise is another challenge during the holiday season. You have deadlines to meet at work, not to mention a mile-long to-do list at home. Yet, there are many ways to get moving and still meet your goals. Let’s start with work:

  • Rather than staying at your desk all day, make a point to walk over to someone instead of sending an email.
  • If it’s practical, make a small group or one-on-one meeting a walking session.
  • When you are stuck sitting all day, be sure to take frequent stretch breaks to encourage good circulation.

What about after work and on weekends? Staying active on your own time may require a compromise. Whether you have to get up earlier in the morning or make time at night, take a walk. After all, exercise is known to reduce stress and who’s not stressed during the holidays?
Did you know our circulatory systems work less efficiently in colder weather? That’s why winter is the perfect time for varicose vein treatment, when symptoms may be worse. To learn more about our treatment options, contact the Vein Centers of Connecticut today!