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Ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless medical imaging test (or scan) which involves high-frequency sound waves to obtain an image or picture of the internal structures of the body. Most people are familiar with ultrasounds used during pregnancy. It is this same technology that allows us to best visualize the anatomy and vascular structures.

The “Venous Doppler” ultrasound images specifically show the details of the venous system and the blood flow in the legs, all in real time. Our ultrasound technologist will gently squeeze different parts of your leg to see the targeted veins, measure both their size and the blood flow and how it is moving through the valves and if any venous reflux is present. Venous reflux is caused by malfunctioning valves in the veins of the legs and contribute to a patient’s varicose veins and symptoms. One of our physicians then interprets the images in order to diagnosis your condition and to determine the most effective course of treatment specific to you and your varicose vein disease.

Multiple ultrasounds may be done including prior to and throughout your course of treatment and are usually covered by insurance.

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ACR BadgeThe American College of Radiology Accreditation in Ultrasound: At the Vein Centers of Connecticut we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care which is why we go through the rigorous process of accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Our accreditation by the ACR in “Vascular Ultrasound” demonstrates the highest of standards and our commitment to quality care and patient safety.