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If you are a man or a woman and have excess or unwanted hair, we offer permanent laser hair reduction as an approach to beautiful, smooth skin. The process is simple and faster than any other treatment available. It gives you longer lasting results than any other hair removal method.

We feature both the GentleYAG® and GentleLASE® laser systems by Candela, the most trusted name in the industry. Candela has pioneered the development of some of the safest and most effective technologies and products available on the market today. These lasers feature a patented skin-cooling device for even greater comfort and safety – and better results. Now you can feel confident about having smoother and silkier skin.

The GentleLASE laser uses 755 nm light energy to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. GentleLASE treatments leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and silkier. This patented technology transcends the older, painful hair removal treatments like electrolysis to deliver long lasting results. The GentleLASE is especially effective on thinner, finer hairs.

The GentleYAG laser represents the latest revolution in hair removal. Using 1064 nm technology, the GentleYAG promises long-lasting results for all skin types. Our GentleYAG hair removal system is approved for permanent hair reduction. It is a non-invasive laser specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. The GentleYAG system generates intense, long pulsed laser light through an actively-cooled handpiece. The laser effectively disables unwanted pigmented hair follicles, thus impairing their growth. The GentleYAG laser is considered to be especially useful in treating dark or tanned skin. It can treat coarser and fine hair as well.

Both the GentleLASE and GentleYAG treatments are a safe, fast, gentle and successful alternative method for hair removal from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and back; as well as sensitive areas like the chest, nipples, and bikini line.

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Hair Removal

1. What is laser hair reduction therapy and how does it work?
To better understand the process, you need to understand hair growth. Many factors influence the growth of hair, such as age, weight, ethnicity and medications. Hair also grows in cycles and that is why it is hard to predict how many treatments the individual will have in order to achieve the best effects.Laser hair reduction is achieved by passing the laser light over the desired area. The laser delivers an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is then absorbed by the cells being targeted, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. This process actually slows down the process of hair growth by disabling the hair follicles; therefore actually reducing the amount of hair that will grow in the treated area. This is why it is actually permanent hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal.

2. Does it hurt?
Just as each of us is unique, so are the areas being treated, some being more sensitive than others. Some people may feel a slight discomfort with each laser pulse, sometimes described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin or a warming sensation. This discomfort resolves in several seconds.

3. What body areas can I get treated?
Any area except around the eyes. The underarms, legs, back, bikini line, face, neck, etc., can all be treated.

4. How many treatment sessions will I need?
The number of sessions varies from person to person and the area being treated as well as the condition of your skin. For permanent hair reduction, multiple treatments are required as the process is most effective when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase; however it is not possible to tell what phase or cycle of growth the hair follicle is in. The average number of sessions is usually five.

5. What are the actual treatments sessions like?
Fast and easy! Your treatment will consist of a wand-like hand piece moved over your skin. Each laser pulse may be preceded by a short pulse of cooling spray in order to not only minimize any discomfort, but also to protect the upper layers of your skin. Your session can be as little as a few minutes to as long as ½ hour, depending on the area being treated.

6. How do I prepare for treatment?
Once you have scheduled your session, you should avoid plucking, electrolysis or hair waxing for six weeks prior to treatment. Any hair should be completely removed by shaving and your skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried (removing any makeup, creams, or oils) before laser treatment. The intended treatment area should NOT be exposed to sunlight or tanning booth light for 14 days prior to treatment.

7. What can I expect immediately after treatment?
A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for comfort immediately following your treatment. Any redness or swelling should resolve within a few hours.

8. What precautions should I take after treatment?
After your laser treatment, prevent sun exposure by applying sunblock, (SPF 30 or more). During the first few days after treatment, do not scrub or rinse the area(s) with abrasive skin cleansers. You will be given a complete instructional sheet, which will be reviewed with you before leaving the office.

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