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spider veinsSpider veins are tiny, very superficial veins that occur in clusters or separately. The discolored veins can resemble a spider web or a permanent bruise. Typically not painful, spider veins can become unsightly, spreading all over the thighs and ankles.

The cause of spider veins has been attributed to heredity, hormonal influences, trauma and venous reflux, when the blood flow through the veins is backwards. Spider veins are considered a cosmetic issue, so they differ from varicose veins which are a medical disease that can lead to serious health complications.

How Are Spider Veins Treated?

The treatment of spider veins helps improve the appearance of your legs and restore your confidence. Options include sclerotherapy and/or topical laser treatments, depending on the location of the spider veins and their size.

During a spider sclerotherapy session, the veins are injected with a mild chemical solution that causes them to collapse and ultimately disappear from your legs upon absorption by the vein walls.

In addition, reflux may be found in larger veins within the superficial venous system in the same region of spider veins. In this case, treatment of the reflux can aid in keeping the spider veins from coming back after they have been treated.

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