Vein Treatment for Men

Women are not alone in being concerned with varicose veins. Approximately 30% of the patients we treat are male. Men often have the largest and most symptomatic varicose veins that we treat. Moreover, men tend to wait until their varicose veins are quite large before seeking medical help, at which point they are faced with more extensive treatment than they would have otherwise needed.
Vein EducationVaricose veins, if left untreated for long periods of time, can lead to skin discoloration, chronic pain, spontaneous bleeding and chronic non-healing wounds.

Men who are treated at the Vein Centers of Connecticut are often surprised at how much better they feel. Moreover, when they compare their treated legs with their legs prior to treatment (by reviewing photos), they are often disbelieving at how they could have “lived” with their varicose veins for as long as they had.

If you have varicose veins and they are beginning to affect your quality of life with aching, heaviness, pain, bleeding or difficulty healing, then you should be treated before your symptoms worsen and become more difficult to treat effectively.